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Credit Repair Software – How To Automate Your Credit Repair Efforts

Having a killer piece of credit repair software can triple your success rate, and mitigate the frustration associated with quitting your plan to raise your credit score.

The #1 reason most people fail at their attempts to repair their credit is a lack of follow-through. Also known as “persistence”. It’s true. You have to stay at it, but why, if that is a known fact, do so many people just lose their passion to stay at it?

Great question.

Here’s the 3 most common answers I received to this trend as I observed countless people just drift away into complacency, after the most fiery determined start:

1. Lack of organization

Most folks don’t intentionally miss deadlines, or desire not to follow through. However it seems quite often, without a reminder, things just aren’t just as important as they seemed 30 days prior. The answer to solve this one is to have a solid calendar system, that will remind you when and what to do. Without this, you are severally jeopardizing your hard work already committed.

2. Lack of understanding

It’s really the basic concept of “knowing why” that drives this time leech. We’re programmed to do things much more readily when we understand WHY we’re doing them. It’s important that any credit repair program you’re doing, you have a wealth of information… not just, “do this”, and now “do that” etc. You should take the time to really understand the WHY. This will boost your energy, and provoke you to action.

3. Lack of Pain or no sense of urgency

Not having a sense of urgency is a huge issue when it comes to credit repair. Pain is often a great motivator. You see a Dr a lot quicker depending on how much pain you’re in. No pain, most people say, no Dr. With Credit Repair, you should have a system that reminds you of your goals, and your current handicap that bad credit places you in. An ever present reminder of your dilemma. This will keep you on target with your efforts and see it through to completion.

Now, if you have a system that removes all 3 of those obstacles, you have positioned yourself for prime and fast results. You will have the best chance to succeed, in fact tripling your success ratio. STICK WITH THAT SYSTEM!

However, most credit repair strategies don’t even address one of those three pitfalls. That’s why I highly recommend software automation. In fact, there is new piece of credit repair software that was just released and built around removing those gaps. That’s how the 125 points in 90 days has happened to so many. Automation. If you want my personal review of that system, that was built around all three of these primary time leeches, visit my webpage at to view the most effective cutting edge software system I’ve ever used or seen.

It’s cost effective. Run’s on the privacy of your computer. You can download it in minutes. Has an amazing guarantee that proves you can lose. It has a built in knowledge center to learn the “why”. It has a built in calendar feature with reminders, and it shows you your progress to remind you of your situation. Plus the owner and credit attorney gives you access to his office for help.

If you don’t use the software, at least be extremely conscious of the energy leeching pitfalls I’ve outlined above in order to protect your efforts in credit repair.

Let me know if you hit the 125 point increase in 90 days or less like so many others have.

by William Irish

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